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Try Our Industrial Strength ADA Kid Super Squish Ball and our
Badminton Racket

FREE sample of our industrial strength ADA Kid Super Squish Ball™ type ball!

Why is this ball industrial strength? Because we put 3 layers of coating instead of 1 on the foam ball. Give it the Nail Test which is done by puncturing the ball with a nail. You will not be able to rip it, and the ball will remain playable! Try the Nail Test on the balls you are currently using.

We also offer a FREE sample of our industrial strength badminton racket!

Do you want a badminton racket where the strings last longer, the frame won’t break, and the grip won’t come off? Get the ADA #76 Smack™ Excel. Features:

  • Frame and shaft guaranteed not to break or come out of handle.
  • 20 gauge triple braided string outlasts the 21 gauge single strand string 8-10 times longer.
  • Grip is stapled and glued on with industrial strength glue and will not come off.
  • This racket has a 30 year track record as the most durable in PE programs.

Call 1 (800) 234-0460 to get your free sample today!

Are There “Strings Attached?”
Are There “Strings Attached?”

No obligation to pay or return. Hassle free, with absolutely no cost to you.

Why Do You Offer Free Samples?
Why Do You Offer Free Samples?

We have learned that if our product lasts longer and costs less, you will place an order with us.

How Can I Get My Free Sample?
How Can I Get My Free Sample?

That’s easy. Just call
1 (800) 234-0460